Become Instant VIP
Play the way you want

Instant VIP is a unique offer that allows you to instantly get VIP status, bypassing game progress and points accumulation.

Instant VIP

You instantly become VIP and get the VIP status.

Personal Assistant

You get a personal VIP buddy who is at your service practically 24/7.

Individual services

Do you have any special requests? Let’s talk about this.

Exclusive Offers

Your VIP buddy has a special box filled with gifts for you.

Who is VIP for?

For exceptional people. Being VIP means joining the heart of Goodman, receiving special privileges and forming bonds with like-minded people who are always eager to help and support you. Being VIP means wanting more than just playing - it’s about wanting to be part of excellence.

Become VIP
Min Deposit €1,000

How to get Instant VIP

2 easy steps to become a VIP

1 step
Verify your mobile phone number

You can do this in your profile settings. You must have an active account or create one if you are not registered yet.

2 step
Make a single minimum deposit of €1,000 or equivalent.

Only after you follow these two steps will the Instant VIP be activated. Your personal manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Why personal VIP assistant?

We spare no effort to create long-term relationships

VIP assistance is not only individual support - in fact, it’s far from it. VIP assistance implies connecting people and creating relationships that take user experience to a completely new level. It’s like having a best friend or guardian angel, who is always ready to come to your aid and help you achieve your goals.

We can write many beautiful words about our VIP service, but you can only feel it when you experience it.

You personal Technical support

Your personal assistant will help you solve your problems and meet your needs practically around the clock.

Your personal Gambling expert

Not sure about gaming terms? Do not understand the gameplay? Our specialists with 5+ years of experience will help you figure it out.

Communicate as you like

Communicate the way you like. Choose any messenger and communication demands.

Easy Withdrawals

You will receive professional guidance and assistance with withdrawals, which can sometimes be troublesome.

Special offers

Unlock hidden opportunities

Many benefits await you once you become VIP, including monthly cashback and exclusive bonuses.

  • Extra gifts
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Prioritized Withdrawals
  • Special offers


Anyone can get Instant VIP?

This service is available to everyone. We value your needs and strive to provide this opportunity to every person who wants to save time and instantly become our special VIP player.

How can I get Instant VIP?

1. Firstly, you need to verify your mobile phone number in your active Goodman account or create one if you are not registered yet.
2. Afterward, make a single minimum deposit of €1,000 or any other currency equivalent.

How do I know that I have received VIP status?

As soon as you meet the conditions of the two steps, the instant VIP service will be activated. Your personal VIP assistant will contact you within 24 hours.

Will VIP status give me support privileges?

Oh, sure. You get a personal VIP assistant who is glad to address any of your concerns practically 24/7.

Can I get individual limits and conditions through a personal assistant?

Yes. Your personal assistant will merrily help you adjust game limits and conditions according to your needs. We will do whatever is in our power to make your gaming experience the way you want it to be.

Can I choose where to communicate with my assistant?

Of course, you can. Choose any convenient communication method - whether it’s a messenger, phone call, or SMS.

Can I get individual assistance on casino-related matters?

If there are some gaming terms that you do not understand, or you would like to get additional information on game providers, bonus rules, or anything else - rest assured knowing that your personal assistant will help you figure it out.

Can I ask my personal assistant for something special?

As your best friend, your personal assistant is ready to surprise you in a variety of ways that are not related to the game.

This will NOT work if…

  • You don’t need better in-game features because you play rarely.
  • You have a low gaming turnover.
  • If you don’t need a reliable friend, and you want to get VIP status just for fun.
  • You don’t need priority withdrawals.
  • If you’re content with standard conditions and terms of the gameplay.
  • If you prefer to play on your own without assistance and support.

This WILL work for you if...

  • You play often and want to get the most out of the gameplay.
  • You have large game currencies and love to play for high stakes.
  • If you really understand why you need a VIP service, not just a status.
  • If you need priority withdrawals.
  • If you need special conditions for the gameplay.
  • When you prefer to play with a personal assistant.

Become Instant VIP
Play the way you want

Instant VIP is a limited offer that allows you to instantly get the status of a VIP client, bypassing game progress and accumulating points.

Become VIP
Min Deposit €1,000

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